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Imperial china at the time of the late Han Dynasty. Three self proclaimed emperors fight for total control of the land leaving devistation and distruction in their wake. Out of the black fogs of war rises a legion. Bound by friendship, driven by virtue, they stand together leaving no one behind. Suporting Liu Bei in his quest to reunite the land and its people The Nineth Legion continues forward, lending help to those in need, showing that there is friendship over faction.

Legion Guidelines

Please try and refrain from random pking. If you are attacked first you may defend yourself and attack back. If you see another legionmate being attacked you may defend them. Please dont go looking for fights, there are pk events availabe. Puyang, Letiti Trials, Saturday State War, Sunday Redcliff battle.

Treat ur legionmates with respect and keep the profanity in legion chat to a minnimum, if you have any problems please speak to the Marshal, Warlord, or a Captian, they will be more than happy to help u solve any disputes.

Keep legion chat topics apropriate. This is a game, topics that could possably cause conflicts or offend people should be avoided. For example child abuse, rape, pornography religion, race ect.

Cant find the help u need? Come to Nineth(shu) where advice and allies await. Pm for inv
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